This is about Andre Amsing from English-speaking Canada (Ontario). But he is also bilingual in French (lived in France since 1980) married to a French woman.

After a career in sales (selling office supply material) as a Sales Director, he also sold to businesses (B2B) and government agencies. Since 2015, he has helped local businesses develop their online presence.

About Andre Amsing
Andre Amsing

Aravision Web Agency is specialized in the creation and design of dynamic “client attraction” videos. They have helped local businesses attract clients that would otherwise have gone to the competition.

How clients find you.

Word of mouth is still the best publicity method. But nowadays, clients check you out first on the Internet to see if they want to do business with you. And according to the statistics, 56% of visitors don’t trust a business that has no online presence. And if they need to choose, 70% of the visitors prefer watching a video (over a written format) to get the information they need.

After 7 years of creating websites and videos for local clients, Aravision Web Agency now offers stunning “whiteboard” videos. These make your business stand out from the competition. This is high-end design at affordable prices.

As we know, a good video does your prospecting for you and is available 24/7 for your potential clients. It is never on sick or vacation leave and can be multiplied all over the Internet.

About our work in 20 local client niches

We have different types of videos available for our local business clients in some 20 niches:

  • Commercial video  – This is a short (60 second) video ad promoting your services to your potential clients.
  • Explainer video – This kind of video explains the kinds of problems clients meet in that industry. And how your business solves them.
  • Story telling video – People love stories of a situation a client faced. And how an expert (like you) solved it quickly.

Get more information here on how your business can quickly attract clients or patients that are looking for a business like yours online. If you are not present online, they will find the competitor who is.

What use is it that you have the best expertise in the world, and no one knows about it?

Andre Amsing and the Aravision Web Agency team will help you get the visibility you deserve.

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