Video Marketing Campaigns | Prices

We offer 3 kinds of video marketing campaigns to help grow the online visibility of your business/clinic/law firm. And the prices are affordable.

Shout out campaigns
Give a shout-out about your business

Online Visibility campaigns

This is to an easy-to-get-started video marketing campaign. What you want is to get more visibility in your service area. A newer business often struggles to get a constant flow of customers. We will create 4 to 5 variants of your whiteboard video ad using the town/counties you have chosen, and targeting the keywords that are most profitable.

Business Growth campaigns

This is a monthly (no-engagement) campaign to build up your online presence. We will promote your business/clinic/law firm based on your best keywords. We publish (videos, articles, podcasts, Slideshares, and press releases) on 400+ high-authority media outlets. We target your service area, so Google will notice you and send you organic traffic. (You can renew your campaign each month).

Positioning strategy

This is the ultimate strategy for businesses who want to become the “go-to” company in their service area. We can publish you on 400+ high authority media outlets like USA Today. Every month (or faster) we will publish an article, a video, a Slideshare, a podcast, and a press release about your business/clinic/law firm. Basically, we do not just promote your videos but also your website, blog, or specific articles.

Here is the pricing table. The button sends you to a form where we gather further information before finalizing your order. If you need to ask further questions please go to our FAQ page, contact page, or set up an appointment for a 30-minute free consultation on our calendar. (We will call you at the hour you decide).

Online Visibility
  • – this includes one Whiteboard video ad plus 3-4 variants (videos)
  • – based on chosen keywords
  • targeting up to 4-5 towns/counties in your service area
  • – Plus “live-stream” to get ranked in Google’s video section
  • – you receive a report when done
Positioning Strategy
  • – We promote your business/clinic/law firm (videos, website/blog, or specific articles)
  • – Posted to 400+ high-authority media outlets
  • Creation of one campaign per month with an article, video, podcast, Slideshare, and press release.
  • Capture the organic (and targeted) traffic in your area looking for a business/clinic/law firm like yours
  • – monthly progress and publishing report