Showcase Ads pricing

For showcase ads we have two options available:

Showcase ads – Start growing your online visibility

  • Each video is customized with your business information
  • 75 seconds is the optimal length
  • Stunning images (we add the photos of your team) (if desired).
  • Powerful call to action. You want people to contact you if they have a project or issue that you can solve.
  • Note: the objective is not that the images correspond exactly to your business. People need to know that your business/clinic offers these services in your area.

Premium targeting

It is not enough just to have the video. It needs to be targeted for your keywords and your service area. We offer 2 variants based on your main keywords. And we make sure all the videos are SEO optimized. If you don’t have a YouTube channel we can set one up for you, do the graphics, and SEO optimize it.

If your business already has a channel, we will check to see if it needs optimizing for Google to notice it, and also upload the 3 videos to the channel. All the videos will be SEO optimized too, of course.

Here are the prices for Showcase ads

Video Ad
  • – Customized with your business information
  • – 75 s (optimal length)
  • – stunning graphics
  • – Powerful Call to Action