Here are some of the more common FAQs that people ask. We will certainly add other FAQs as time goes on.

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Q. How long does it take for a project to be completed?

A. For videos we usually can deliver within 48-72 hours. However, if there is a deadline to meet, please communicate that by sending an email (see the contact page).

For a video marketing campaign, if a monthly campaign is ordered, we have 30 days to deliver. (It is important not to send all the content in one shot. It is better, when publishing, to drip out over time).

Q. Can we get a refund?

A. We will revise the videos or campaign to your best satisfaction. However, once the video or campaign is ordered, we immediately send the work to our team. So, no refunds are possible. However, if we are talking about a video marketing campaign over several months, you can cancel it 5 days in advance of the next monthly period (so we have time to cancel the subscription).

For other FAQs, please send an email to andre@aravisionwebagency.com or set up an appointment on our calendar to discuss any issues.

Q. Can I cancel a Positioning Strategy video marketing campaign though I have a 6-month commitment?

A. The 6-month commitment is to benefit from a “stacking” effect of your campaigns to be noticed by Google. But you can cancel by contacting us 5 days before the end of any 30-day period in your subscription. But we recommend, deploying a part of your advertising budget to profit from the cumulative effect of this video marketing strategy.

Other FAQs for the “Positioning Strategy” plan

Q. How can publishing an article on national websites bring more clients to my local business?

A. The multimedia campaign (articles, press releases, videos, podcasts, slide shares) targets your local business address and website. When Google’s algorithm sees high authority media sites are talking about your business (using specific keywords) your business appears as the go-to business for that niche in your local service area. And they will send you visitors looking for a business like yours. This is called organic traffic.

Our business growth plan to stand out in Google’s eyes is to “stack” (over 6 months) our multimedia campaign. A good strategy is to redeploy a part of your (non-targeted) advertising budget to this proven process.

Q. Does this work for start-ups?

A) Absolutely! You may be very competent with your expertise. But what use is it if no one knows about it? This multi-media strategy should be part of your core investments when starting a business.

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