How to get Google to promote your business?

We also have an advanced package to promote selected businesses.  We can publish an article (see below in FAQ) about your business and the new videos on 400+ high authority websites (including USA Today)

This is the fastest way to get Google to notice and start promoting your business. (This is called organic search). And when a request for a given keyword is typed into the search bar, Google can consider your business as being the best answer for that keyword in your area. Their algorithm sees how many hundreds of backlinks from authority news media are coming into your site or video. Your business website or video receives the “link juice” from these sites and becomes itself the authority in your space. This is how to advertise the right way. Just get Google to do it do you!

promote your business
Promote your business

How to Promote FAQs

Q. How can publishing an article on national websites bring more clients to my local business?

A. The multimedia campaign (articles, press releases, videos, podcasts, slide shares) targets your local business address and website. When Google’s algorithm sees high authority media sites are talking about your business (using specific keywords) your business appears as the go-to business for that niche in your local service area. And they will send you visitors looking for a business like yours. This is called organic traffic.

promoting your business
Promoting your business

Our business growth plan to stand out in Google’s eyes is to “stack” (over 6 months) our multimedia campaign. A good strategy is to redeploy a part of your (non-targeted) advertising budget to this proven process.

Q. Does this work for start-ups?

A) Absolutely! You may be very competent with your expertise. But what use is it if no one knows about it? This multi-media strategy should be part of your core investments when starting a business.

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Video is one of the best ways (and the fastest) to make your business visible for search engines.  Google has noticed an increased demand for information on local businesses and wants to encourage your business to work with them.

There is so much to do in any business that a business owner doesn’t take the time to do it.  But an optimized “client acquisition” system can save you a lot of time.  Allow Aravision Web Agency to do what they are good at. That way, you can concentrate on what you are good at, Servicing clients and exercising your trade or profession.

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