Your Video Marketing Campaign

What use is it that you have the best expertise in your area, but no one knows about it? So we have crafted three offers to give a boost to your video marketing campaign:

1. “Online visibility” Promoting you locally to your service area

We create 4-5 variants of your video ad and promote to 4-5 towns/cities/neighborhoods of your service area through your YouTube channel. Nothing is more amazing when a client comes in and says they saw you on the television! (of course, they mean YouTube or Facebook). (See our pricing page)

2. “Business Growth” Video Marketing campaigns to build your online presence

With this offer, we create 2 new videos per month for your business (clinic or law firm). We create and optimize your YouTube channel plus video SEO and channel management for a monthly fee. You can cancel at the end of any month. But with this promotion, we build up and accelerate business growth and online presence over a period of time that you determine. Once the video creation and SEO work is done, your video works 24/7 to promote your business. (A little secret – Having an automatic client acquisition system in place, actually adds to the value of your business in case you want to sell).

3. “Positioning Strategy” We promote your videos as well as your website

With this high-end offer, we get you published on 400+ high authority media sites. And the powerful backlinks will make your business/ clinic/ law firm the go-to enterprise in your area? How about getting Google to send you all the organic traffic of people looking for a business like yours. You become, in Google’s eyes the business that has the best answer to the request people make for a given keyword. (See the article that explains this)

How to Get Google to Promote your Business) If this interests you, we’ll have to talk. Go to our contact page.

You may not want more business right now. But these video marketing campaigns can give you better quality clients that are willing to pay higher prices (what your expertise is worth). If you have too many, you can send them to the competition, can’t you?

Go to our pricing page to get more details or contact me for a free consultation.