Why advertise your Local Business with a video

Why Advertise your Business with a Video?

Every business would like to be on Page One of Google. This is the cheapest way to advertise and get noticed by potential clients. But when there are thousands of other businesses offering their services for a given keyword, what is the right strategy to position your business on Page One?

Did you know that 90% of the clicks go to the first 5 or 6 entries on Page One of Google for a given keyword?  And if you look carefully you will rarely find a video on page one for your keyword. And if you are the only business posting videos in your local niche to YouTube or Vimeo (there is a way to do it), it can get you one Page One.

But Google gives the advantage to video format simply because studies show, if visitors are given the choice, will prefer a video format to get their information.

advertise with video
Advertise with video

The Best publicity is “Word of mouth”? Yes, but things have changed.

We need to understand that the “less than 40 years old” do not function the way the older generation did things.

Today clients are looking for a business like yours on the Internet. And they don’t want to waste their time without being able to check out your offer.  At the same time, that means when they come to you, they only need a little ‘shove’ to decide to work with you.  And that saves you a lot of time.

You may have visitors coming from other states or countries into your area who are looking for local businesses with their smartphones.  An enterprise that wants to grow cannot afford that a potential client finds its competitor.  That is usually because competitor advertises online. And our own business is ‘invisible’ for Google.

The specialists say that most businesses miss out on 30 to 50% of clients per year they could have had if they had more online visibility.  

It is really too bad that clients who want to buy from you or need your services CAN’T FIND YOU!

Advertise to get more and better clients

Advertising the old way without targeting specific keywords, is like throwing money out of the window. A video allows you to target clients who are looking for you. (e.g. HVAC multi-split Orange County) .

Did you know whiteboard video is one of the best video marketing tools these days?

Research has proven that whiteboard videos have the ability to gain the viewer’s attention. These animated and colored videos encourage viewer engagement. It also helps to recall useful information about your business.

It does it better than any other type of video.

Just because people love to see things being drawn!

And that is our specialty. We have created client-attracting videos for your local business.

For more information go here

Video is one of the best ways (and the fastest) to make your business visible for search engines.  Google has noticed an increased demand for information on local businesses. So, they want to encourage your business to work with them.

There is so much to do in any business that a business owner doesn’t take the time to do it.  But an optimized “client acquisition” system can save you a lot of time.  Allow Aravision Web Agency to do what they are good at. That way, you can do what you are good at. Concentrate on exercising your trade or profession.

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