The Best “Online assets” for your Business are Targeted Videos.

When you create a video to communicate with clients you are actually creating “online assets” for your business.  A video can attract clients or patients to your business, day in and day out. These web properties sell your experience as well as your trustworthiness to get the job done.

No limit to the number of online assets

online assets gets people talking
Get people talking about your business

You can have multiple videos talking to your potential clients 24/7 all over the web without having to prospect, anyone, yourself. It can cost a lot in advertisement to gain a new client because the competition is quite fierce. And since most off-line advertising is not targeted, it is like throwing money out of the window. Having one of our stunning whiteboard videos (starting at $395) brings down the cost and will work for free (without sick or vacation leave).

You just do the selling part once they come in the door. The key today is meeting potential clients where they hang out. As a business owner, you probably have no time to spend on social media. Nevertheless, that is where your clients hang out. And today, it is possible to automate your online presence to meet them where they are.

Targeting the most profitable clients is the key

Knowing the kinds of clients you are targeting, filter out the ones who don’t want to pay what you are worth. You want your business to be profitable. If for HVAC you want “multi-duct mini-split clients in x county”, that is the keyword you put 2-3 times in your video.

If a dentist wants to attract “teeth whitening” clients, that is the keyword that needs to be in the video.

“Online assets” with targeted videos grow profitable businesses

Do not limit yourself by the number of people that come into your business.  (You can always send them to your colleagues). The main thing is that Aravision Web Agency will automate the “client attraction and acquisition” for you. It is like having salespersons working for your business 24/7 and every day of the year.

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