Showcase Video Ads

This page will show you demos of “Showcase Video Ads” for 6 types of local businesses (more to come).

  • local family doctor
  • landscaping companies
  • real estate agencies
  • bakeries
  • locksmith entrepreneurs
  • veterinarian clinics

As we know, businesses often lose 30 to 50% of potential clients to their competitors every year. This is simply because they haven’t taken the time to build up more online presence for their business. This is easy to do with videos that target your local service area. You can also post them on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course on your website. You can even include them in a video loop on a monitor in your office space that clients can watch while waiting to be served.

Show case video ads make it easy for clients to know what your business is about

Here are the demo videos for both businesses and clinics. Check them out on our YouTube channel.

If you want a “showcase video ad” for your business, we will customize it to fit your needs.

Demo Showcase Video ad for Landscaping companies

Bakeries (demo)

Real Estate Agencies (demo)

Veterinarian Clinics (demo)

Locksmiths (demo)

Family Doctors (demo)

Check out the other kinds of video we can offer on our YouTube channel

Discover our affordable prices (starting at $395) for a Showcase video here.

Pricing | We offer the same pricing as for our Whiteboard Video Ads.

If you would like Aravision Web Agency to do a Video Marketing campaign for your business/clinic/law firm please see the prices here.

Showcase videos and Whiteboard videos have the same price for video marketing campaigns

See the article “Why advertise your local business with videos

showcase video ads