Video: How to Rank your Business Fast

According to marketing specialists, the best way to get your local business noticed online is through video.

What use is it to have the best expertise in your area, and no one knows about it?

Did you know that your future clients prefer getting information from the internet in video format?

YouTube is actually the 2nd biggest search engine after Google in the world.  And on top of that YouTube belongs to Google.

Why Google Promotes Video

Google gives an advantage in terms of ranking to any business that has understood that they need to present their business and services through a video.  

Goggle gives a “competitive advantage” to small businesses that advertise through this format.

You need to understand how Google works.  They want to give their visitors a great experience with unique content which is useful and of quality. This is essential for their business model which is based on selling Ad space. 

If the visitor doesn’t come back, Google AdWords will not be able to show the relevant ads. Google ranks higher with a website or a video that offers useful quality information than a site with low-quality information that doesn’t apply Google’s criteria.

How to rank your business on Page One for your keyword?

Visitor behavior studies show that when a visitor needs to choose between a written or a video format on a search result, 50% (and with mobile up to 70%) of the visitors will choose the video to get their information.  So Google prefers ranking a video as long as the script is written around a specific keyword. 

Did you know that 90% of the clicks go to the first 5 or 6 entries on Page One of Google for a given keyword?  And if you type in the keywords for your local business you will rarely find a video on page one for that keyword. Even if it is a business more important than yours.

You want your business to be seen everywhere and video can be shown in multiple places on the Internet. As a start-up, you just want to be seen! And there is no more affordable way to do that than through video to reach your audience. If you don’t work on your online presence, potential clients will go to your competitors!

 It is not that you have time as a business owner to be on social media. But that is where your future clients are. (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) With a good video, you can develop your online presence and attract clients to your business.  

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