Targeted Video Ads gain Visibility for Business

According to the specialists, most businesses could have 30 to 50% more clients if they improved their “online visibility”. And that can be done with video ads that target potential customers that are typing into the search engine your main keywords.

video ad visibility
Clients loving your video ads

Of course, some businesses don’t want more clients. Because they are already “flat out” and don’t have the competent help needed to service more customers or patients. But if your video ad gets too many clients, you have 2 possible strategies.

  1. Give them away to your colleagues or competitors
  2. Filter out the ones that waste your time or don’t have the money and only keep the most profitable clients for your business.

So Aravision Web Agency has a basic offer to improve online visibility. Most businesses would do well to be better known in their current service area.

Sending potential clients to your competitors because your business lacks visibility?

But without adequate online visibility, potential clients will go to your competitors. And this creates a constant “feast and famine” situation which is financially difficult to manage.

We suggest investing in our “Online Visibility” package:

This includes –

  • Setting up an optimized You Tube channel (if needed)          value  $495
  • Whiteboard (or Showcase) video ad for your niche

plus 3-4 variants targeting 4-5 towns in your area                   value  $1975

  • Keyword research (best 3 keywords people are looking for)    value $50
  • We do a live stream for each video
  • (Google promotes this kind of video)                                         value $200
  • You also get an “explainer” video and “storytelling” video

(to put on your website or use on Facebook)                                 value $790

Total                                                                                                             $3510

Aravision Web Agency offer for first-time clients not $3510 but only $1250 (save $2260)

Get more information on our video marketing campaigns here.

See our affordable pricing page.

Why does a business need to grow?

visibility shout out
Tell the world about your business

Growth is crucial to the long-term survival of a business. It helps to acquire assets, attract new talent, and fund investments. It also drives business performance and profit. Allowing your business to stagnate is not an option. Even if you are ready to retire, a growing business will attract buyers who will pay you the amount that nicely funds your retirement nest egg or allows investment in another “cash-flow” business.

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Our Online Visibility offer is on a “First come – First served “ basis

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